The solution

A Wounded Earth

Air Pollution

Air pollution is alteration in air quality that is not conducive for good health and well-being. Bad air quality is not easily noticed till it starts impacting health. When the problem becomes apparent, it is typically treated as “tragedy of commons”.
We have to start somewhere, and it makes sense to start with one’s own self. Switching to non-fossil fuel based energy or renewable energy, using electric vehicles and buying local organic food all lead to less use of transportation and many unnecessary products.

Rising Temperature

Rising temperatures and Global warming are a reality of today’s world. It appears as a distant futuristic problem to many. However, from pre industrial times, earth’s average global temperature is already up by 1 degree and that’s over a short period of time.
Rising temperatures are directly resulting from our incessant reliance on fossil fuels, continual destruction of world’s tropical forests and cement production. Rising temperatures not only create issues for humans but also impact ecosystems that do not get sufficient time to adapt to this change e.g. Polar bears because of the melting of polar ice.

Climate Problems

The new 1.5 degree warning from IPCC has revised the potential outcomes of rise in temperature from two degree as the catastrophic crossing of boundary to 1.5 degrees now. It is up to us to act now or regret later.
Droughts, floods, cyclones, landslides are the direct result of extreme weather events and the long term warming would lead to additional issues such as polar ice cap melting, sea level rise, submergence of low lying areas or islands. The physical map of the world will change.

Vanishing Greens

Forests are the lungs of earth. Human greed is leading to deforestation at alarming levels. We can do our bit in saving the forests, as responsible consumers by buying products that are certified for sustainable management of forests such as Forestry Stewardship Council (FSC); using less paper or recycled paper. At Living Habitats, we make sure all the wood we use is strictly FSC certified. We are doing our bit and we would like to encourage everyone around us to do their bit.

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